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All emails are secured automatically with end-to-end encryption.


We offer a unique software for a corporate e-mail with unlimited attachment size transfer. An additional feature of our email is our own encryption, a unique in the world, enable to protect the sensitive data. The encryption concerns both the email text and attachments, regardless of their size!

Our email protocol does not send the file in text format on the DNS servers and does not leave the so-called. temporary files, as is done in the traditional mail based on SMTP. What is important, it is fully backward compatible with the old protocol SMTP (@).

The netELEM software is a coherent tool, that ultimately responds to the challenges of the twenty-first century. When most of the competition promises attachments up to 2 GB, we offer no limit of size attachments as the first and only company in the world market!

We have developed an application, which can be used separately from our email software, for a rapid transfer of enormous size of files that is available at: www.tanker.canampol.com.


Because we have eliminated the limitations of traditional e-mail, we decided to combine unlimited data transfer functions with database archiving. The process of making the files available to others can be done by an authorization panel. It allows keeping all a company’s data in one place (on a corporate server). The access to the database can be from any computer or terminal, without having data copy on a disc of a hard working unit. Thus, editing and copying of confidential data by employees is under control and constantly monitored by the management.


The netELEM breakthrough system is the combination of all the tools that were previously separate applications into one coherent system, working in the same environment. The netELEM software combined email, files facilitating and archiving with functions typical for CRM, such as calendars, tasks, SMS communicator as well as multichat or video communicator.

The solution will target the possibility of money transfer through the netELEM email panel. Thus, the email will become a center of communication and payments without the need to use other tools.


The netELEM was created as a response to market needs, which in times of dynamic development of mobile IT segment, operated increasingly advanced IT software and hardware. Unfortunately, this process was partially offset by email protocols from the last century, that has dominated more than 30% of Internet traffic. The network of global e-mail, though inadequate to the rapid development of mobile technology, completely dominated the professional and individual market. Nowadays the number of email accounts is higher than the half of the world population.

Thus, to accommodate the old protocol with flaws, the numerous of prostheses have been designed to adapt it to the market requirements. Therefore, we have decided to eliminate the backwards.


The world’s first core horizontal software in cloud computing

Our main product is an ELEM platform, the world’s first core operating system for any size of corporations. The ELEM system is a web-based software from the beginning devised for solutions in the cloud computing, which can offer both SaaS and as a closed server solution.

The system offers to its clients a full spectrum of a company’s service from orders through the internal redeployment of integrated multi-level warehouse up to their own integrated online store or POS. The solution is a comprehensive, non-counterpart in the global market.

This innovation has enabled to eliminate the division into a front and back office. It concerns both traditional POS solutions and e-commerce segment. It offers a fully automatic accounting, payment modules, CRM, EDI, business trips, etc., as well as a full report of inventory in a real time.

Our absolute priority is the issue of data security. We accomplished this through a complete compilation of the source code as well as using our own encryption algorithm. It concerns all the key data transfers inside and outside the system. Unique in the world, a hierarchical access authorization to the ELEM system includes full control and traffic monitoring all eligible corporate employees. In the result, it is the total elimination of pathology and the abusive users.

The ELEM system with conjunction with communication netELEM software functions and ELEMstore, that are operating on one platform, constitutes unprecedented on a global scale, a comprehensive complex system to a company.

It is the first known comprehensive tool for presenting and selling merchandise in the e-commerce sector, without the classic division of back and front office. So, all the functions of the ERP, CRM and BI systems, that usually run in the background, are core coherent with their presentation part, i.e. with the online store (ELEMstore).

The unprecedented simplicity of ELEMstore makes it possible for even people without IT knowledge to fully manage the entire purchase and sale process. What is particularly important is that any BI reports are available in real time. This allows to save time and eliminate many IT issues which are common with the pressently used software. At present, the scale of these problems is directly proportional to the scale of the online store. In the ELEMstore, the system is almost the opposite – the shop scale does not affect the simplicity of its service.

This drastically lowers the cost of running large internet stores and therefore is a competitive to the present e-commerce marketplace. This advantage will be evident especially in comparison with the current dominant solutions and based on integrated back and front office systems. The natural growth of the online store does not therefore require an increase in IT costs, and thus the scalability of business can significantly increase the profitability if it is based on ELEMstore core software.

The innovative PILOT product presentation system, which is a part of the software, can easily compete with the existing solutions. It will give to the business operator, using the application, additional advantage by attracting more customers.

ELEMtanker can be used as a different level of employee authorization to access to a company’s database. It allows full control of access to a corporate database in a company’s cloud and corporate data collection, without the possibility of unauthorized copying and retrieval of data beyond the closed corporate structure.

Even despite the easy access to the data from any of the simplest PCs or workstations in the world, there is no need to duplicate files on employees’ laptops. Unprecedented and unique access authorization process, allows only authorized employees to see or edit documents or files to which they have access rights. Additionally, unique Tanker encryption modules prevent the data even from a corporate IT administrator access.

In combination with our netELEM system, this provides even the most comprehensive security and confidentiality of databases and their intra-corporate transmission, which is unprecedented in its radical approach to security and confidentiality against all existing data sharing systems.


Canampol Inc. is a developer and distributor of the netELEM communication software, which is a part of the ELEM platform, primary designed and elaborated by the Port Software.

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